4th World Congress on Endoscopic Ear Surgery,Kyoto December 5-8 2022

Little did I know what trouble laid ahead when I gave a presentation at the 3rd World Congress in Boston in June of 2019 on our planning for the 4th World Congress in Kyoto in April of 2021. By the end of that very same year of 2019, murmurs were being heard around the world about a new virus that may pose a serious threat to health.

This virus, Covid-19, upended life as we know for everyone on planet Earth including our plans in 2021 for the 4th World Congress on EES in Kyoto.

However, despite everything, including multiple moving of dates, the stars finally aligned, and I am thrilled to be able to welcome over 500 attendees from over 40 countries to the 4th World Congress on Endoscopic Ear Surgery

We have a program packed full of illustrious speakers on endoscopic ear surgery who represent leaders in this now maturing field of otology. I hope that everyone takes this chance to not only learn about the latest developments in EES, but also engage in face-to-face communication with colleagues that has not been possible for the past couple of years but is so important to the fruitful exchange of ideas and future growth.



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