Xı Balkan Society Of Orl & Hns Congress Has Been Orginized With Great Success

XI Balkan Society of ORL & HNS Congress has been orginized with great success in Varna, Bulgaria between 31st May and 3rd June, 2018 
“Letter from Prof. Myers to Prof. Benchev”
Dear Dr. Benchev Many thanks for your kind invitation to participate in the XI Congress of the Balkan Society of Otolaryngology-Head and Surgery. I appreciate your thoughtfulness in taking responsibility for my expenses.
I felt that the Scientific Program set a high standard for Balkan Meetings. All of the sub-specialty areas which make up modern Otolaryngology were included. It appeared to me that the meetings were well attended as were the Social Events. The Gala Dinner was a sumptuous affair and an appropriate closing to a fine meeting. It was an honor and a pleasure for me to sit next to you that evening. I enjoyed it very much!
As I mentioned to you I always write a review of the meetings that I attend which is published in the Bulletin of the AAO-HNS and in their online version. In order for me to do so I’ll need some ‘vital statistics’ about the meeting. For example; the number of attendees, the number of countries represented etc. A few photos of your choice would also be helpful. There is no hurry with this. Many thanks for everything and hope to see you again soon.
Eugene Myers

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